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Online Catalog for Gurisa

This digital catalog highlights the unique fusion of tradition and modernity in our designer's artisanal jewelry, each piece created with the ancestral technique of ñandutí. The selection of materials, attention to detail, and respect for traditional methods are reflected in every design, offering a visual experience that captures the essence of craftsmanship and contemporary innovation.


UX Design


Frontend development - Reusable components - CMS


React - Next.js

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We developed an intuitive and user-friendly CMS, designed to enable our client to efficiently and effortlessly modify the content of their website. Furthermore, each page refresh randomly presents content, enriching the user experience without compromising on fast and dynamic loading.

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Essence of the Guaraní Jungle

Gurisa Guaraní stands out for its commitment to creating jewelry pieces that celebrate and preserve the rich cultural heritage of ñandutí. Each piece reflects a passion for keeping artisanal traditions alive while adapting to current fashion trends. This online catalog is a window for jewelry enthusiasts to explore a collection that transcends the conventional.

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